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Aviation Business Financing

The aviation industry is full of untapped potential, often due to financial constraints as a result of the complex nature of general aviation.

We understand the industry and how to valuate and secure financing for promising projects.

Whether it’s a proven project in a new location, or a completely new business model, we can help to assess its potential and secure the best financing option possible.

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Premium Hangars are Now a Must

Gone are the days of a simple metal shed being sufficient for today’s needs and the market demand.

With the costs and overhead that comes along with owning a luxury private jet, the facilities must also be up to par.

We understand this and have options and services available to make sure your Hangar investment serves you now and well into the future.

Loans Structured for Success

It’s all about having a strategy for success, and the Capital to make it unfold smoothly.

We’ve work closely with many contractors, FBOs and private owners, and can bring that knowledge to help you get the most out of your project.

With the right financing options, you can maximize your hangars potential.

Build for the Future

With Hangar space becoming increasingly valuable, it’s imperative to build with future potential in mind.

As the value of aircraft continue to increase, so does the demand for quality hangar space. Premium hangar space is scarce and highly sought after.

The surest way to ensure your hangars long term viability, is to build it to the highest standards possible.

Expand Your Square Footage

There’s no better time to maximize your hangars usable space then during construction. With quality hangar space becoming increasingly scarce, now is the time to invest in your hangar.

With our competitive financing, it’s possible to maximize your hangars value now and well into the future.

Let us help you put together a financial strategy to take full advantage of your hangar’s potential.

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Air Capital Group is a team of seasoned experts in the aviation, construction and lending industries, all working together with our investor group and financial partners to unlock capital for a wide range of aviation projects.

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Our goal is simple, help you unlock capital and maximize your operation's potential. We achieve this by using our expertise in both the aviation and financial industry to evaluate and structure the optimal financial strategy for you.

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