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Up until recently, FBO loans were virtually unheard of. This was due to the complex nature of the industry combined with it’s uniqueness. There just wasn’t any options that catered to this market.

Times have changed. Now we have worked alongside lending institutions to demystify the FBO business and the nature of its operations and profits.

With a growing demand for premium FBOs and luxury aircraft facilities, we can offer options that will enable you to level up your operations and take full advantage of this opportunity now, and well into the future.

  Upgrade Facilities

  Expand Market Share

  Additional Amenities

  Optimize Operations

Take Your FBO to the Next Level

There’s more companies and individuals that can afford a private jet than ever before in history, and this continues to grow at a rapid pace. This demographic seeks the most private, safest and most premium experience possible

With a restricted supply of private aircraft facilities, and an ever increasing demographic it’s easy to see where this industry is heading in the near future, and for many years to come.

For your FBO success and to realize it’s fullest potential, it’s imperative to optimize it’s operations and overall experience. We understand the future potential and can assist you with the capital needed to take your operation to the next level.

Expand YOUR Market Share

With more business aircraft entering the U.S. fleet every year, and the limited amount of land and facilities to services them, now is the time to secure and expand your market share. We can help you raise the capital to purchase competing FBOs that are currently undervalued.

We have an intimate understanding of the FBO industry and help to asses future potential of a particular area and market to establish value, as well as additional income producing opportunities and spot FBOs that have untapped potential.

Let us help you put together a solid growth strategy with the capital needed to take full advantage of the great opportunities during this unique time in aviation history.

Accurate Valuations

Whether your seeking a valuation on your operation, or one you’re considering for a purchase, having an accurate assessment of an operations financial health is essential. We can provide you with a no nonsense market value, as well as a financial audit to shed light on an FBOs true value.

With an accurate valuation, you can better understand your market, as well as missed opportunities within an operation that you may be able to capitalize on.

Our FBO advisors and valuation team has over 4 decades in the FBO industry and can not help you assess the value of an operation, but also its strength weaknesses to find untapped potential.

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Air Capital Group is a team of seasoned experts in the aviation, construction and lending industries, all working together with our investor group and financial partners to unlock capital for a wide range of aviation projects.

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Our goal is simple, help you unlock capital and maximize your operation's potential. We achieve this by using our expertise in both the aviation and financial industry to evaluate and structure the optimal financial strategy for you.

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