What types of aviation projects and aviation businesses do you loan on?

We specialize in FBO loans, Hanger loans, and refinancing. As long as it involves General Aviation, FBO’s and Hangars, we have the ability to provide loans at competitive rates.

Do you consider loans on new FBO’s and Hangar development?

Yes, through our exclusive lending sources we fund new FBO developments (sometimes referred to in the industry as “green field” development), new Hangar development, new FBO terminal development and refurbishing, and other related improvements as well, such as additional aircraft ramp and staging areas, etc.

What is your minimum and maximum loan range you fund?

Our financing ranges from a minimum of $3 million, to $50 million and over, depending upon the project and the owner/operator/developer!

We recently placed a $50 million mini-perm loan commitment on a new hangar development, which included a $28 million construction loan.

Jumbo loans can also be considered!

Are there specific projects or areas that you do not fund?

We do not provide funding for aircraft, equipment (generally), or MRO’s.

If there is something outside these areas please inquire. Air Capital Group may be able to fund!

What are your typical loan terms?

A minimum loan term of 12 months, typically a maximum term of 10 years.

No prepayment penalties, interest only is available too.

Your underlying ground lease must be greater than the loan term, and the ground lease terms are subject to our reasonable review.

What is the typical interest rate? Loan Points?

Our interest rates are very competitive in today’s market.  Minimal Loan Points are typical, but can be negotiable. Please contact us.

Are prepayment fees applicable?

In some cases we ask for a prepayment penalty on short term financing. Please contact us.

Are personal guarantees required?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the Loan to Value amount, equity percentage, market factors and location of your FBO or Hangar project, etc. Please contact us to discuss.

Will you fund outside of the US?

No, our lending is limited to the US.

How do I start the process?

Contact us directly, either via email or direct by phone, for a brief no obligation consultation on your funding needs! We can give you a prompt initial indication whether your funding needs can likely be accommodated by Air Capital Group!

How do I qualify for funding by Air Capital Group

Our qualification requirements are typical, and not overbearing. We ask for your current and recent past years’ FBOs financial statements, Balance Sheet, asset listing etc. and personal financial statement. All information you have readily at hand! And all information is handled with the utmost confidentiality as well.

Timing of Loan Approval and Funding?

Once complete information from you and your operation or business are received, we strive for a preliminary review and indication if your funding request meets our criteria within 30 days, often sooner!

A Term Sheet follows after preliminary loan review by our funding partners. Closings and funding are accomplished as quickly as possible!

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