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We'll evaluation your unique situation and quickly establish what options are available and what will be needed.

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Once we have your preliminary application, we can then assess your current operations and what other requirements will be needed. Our team will consult with you for any clarifications and how to prepare any additional documents needed.

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Next step is to prepare documents and reports to start the loan process. From here we will stay in close contact with you in order to help satisfy any additional information needed to complete the loan process.

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General Items Needed

Every FBO and Hangar project funding is unique and will require specific documentation to better understand its operations and value.

Below are the documents most commonly needed.

Loan Request Information

A description for the funds requested, (e.g., New FBO development, replacement of old FBO facilities, new 10,000 sf Executive Terminal.

Airport Market Information

General information on the Airport and site plan of your existing or proposed facilities.

Business Plan and Airport Lease

Your long term business objectives and airport ground lease or sublease, or lease letter of intent with rent and term detail and site plan.

Financial Information

Financials for the past three (3) years of existing FBO’s and Hangars, Balance Sheets.

Market Analysis/ Feasible Study

Market analysis for the project in the context of the marketplace.

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Closing Process

We'll walk you through the closing process to ensure a we have everything needed and keep you updated throughout the loan process.

In addition we also offer other service to help prepare your documentation and refine your operating costs to ensure you have the best loan options available to you.

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