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Business Jet Financing

When it comes to financing large business aircraft and fleets, the typical one size fits all finance companies land short.

We’re uniquely structured to meet the specific challenges business jet loans and operations involving multiple aircraft.

We can confidently valuate your aircraft as well as your operation in order to provide a custom tailored loan that is sure to even impress your CFO.

   Large Business Jets

   Commercial Aircraft

   Charter Operations

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Acquire the Ideal Long Term Aircraft

With the right financing in place, it’s possible to acquire the ideal aircraft now, as opposed to waiting until a later date or settling for something that is less than ideal.

We can help streamline the loan process for a speedy acquisition, all while providing a competitive rate and unparalleled service. Selling an aircraft in the process? We can help you with a smooth transition with a simultaneous close for your you and your buyer.

Whether it’s consolidating a loan for multiple aircraft, or a purchase of a BBJ, we in the unique position to offer the most comprehensive financing options in the industry.

Combine Aircraft and Facility

We understand that your aircraft is part of a larger business operation, and often it make more sense to look at the entire operation together when it comes to unlocking lending options.

Because we primarily valuate and provide financing options for aviation and aerospace businesses, we able to provide a much more comprehensive financial strategy than a typical aircraft lender.

Whether it’s the purchase of an existing charter operation or combining a hangar construction loan with your BBJ purchase, we have the ability to structure a loan that makes sense in the bigger picture.

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Air Capital Group is a team of seasoned experts in the aviation, construction and lending industries, all working together with our investor group and financial partners to unlock capital for a wide range of aviation projects.

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Our goal is simple, help you unlock capital and maximize your operation's potential. We achieve this by using our expertise in both the aviation and financial industry to evaluate and structure the optimal financial strategy for you.

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Recent Projects



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Laconia Hangar Development

Construction to permanent financing on multi-phase hangar project

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