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In the rapidly changing aviation industry, having solid financial options is key to taking advantage of opportunities and staying ahead of the market trends.

Now more than ever, premium FBOs and private hangars are experiencing an increase in demand, with no sign of it slowing down in the near future.

Fortunately, there are now financial options that allow you to generate the capital needed to take action and reach your operations highest potential.

We’re here to guide you through the process and make your vision a reality.

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there's no substitute for it.

Air Capital Group is a collection of experts from various fields and disciplines working together to accomplish one main objective; to enable the aviation industry access to capital that has been out of reach in the past.

Our diverse team draws on their unique knowledge to shed light of every aspect of this complex industry, enabling us to provide comprehensive financial solutions like no other.

From assessing the value of complex operations, to understanding the aspects of construction and development projects, we bring it all together to unlock the capital you need to unlock your highest potential.

Our Partners

Air Capital Group works with both lending partners as well as venture capital investors. This allows us to structure a financial strategies for a  wide range of projects and acquisitions.

By bringing our lending partners and our investor group together on a project, we can  facilitate  a seamless financial solution for even the most complex mergers or large scale developments.

With multiple lending partners, we’re able to combine resources to finance large scale projects that would otherwise be considered too risky for many institutions on their own.

With our experience in the aviation industry and our deep financial understanding, our lending partners and investors rely on our wide range of expertise to analyse the operation or project and help them understand the investment. Our goal is to protect our partners capital while opening up new opportunities for them and you.

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Scope of Services

Air Capital Group offers lending services as well as a wide range of financial and consulting services to help their clients reach their highest potential. We integrate the skills of proven aviation industry professionals in delivering effective solutions for valuation, sale, acquisition, operating, expert witness services, and other challenges facing FBOs, general aviation airports, and specialized aviation businesses.

Our team has extensive senior level management experience at FBOs and other specialized aviation businesses. Collectively our personnel have more than 100 years of hands-on operations, management, marketing, and FBO planning experience.

Our approach is to combine our expert industry experience with objective analysis drawing upon our extensive expertise and wealth of industry contacts. This provides you, our Client, with superior market knowledge advantage, expertise, and skills essential to deliver to you practical, valuable, aviation management, advisory and financial services.