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Let Our Experience Lead the Way

The General Aviation industry is extremely unique and complex, making it difficult for lenders and investors to assess the value of an operation. Air Capital Group works with our lending partners and investor group to solve this challenge by bringing our G.A. experience to shed light on the value of an operation.

Our deep understanding of the industry and the intricacies of FBOs, Flight Schools, Hangar Developments and anything related  to general aviation, allows us to assess an operations economic strength and unlock the financing needed to reach its potential.

From equity loans, to purchase loans and investment capital, we’ll work to structure financing that makes the most sense and allows you the maximum your options.

Maximize Your Potential

As General Aviation continues to grow and evolve, it’s important that FBO operations also continue to update and reflect the demands of an ever changing market.

With more G.A. aircraft than ever before, and the average aircraft size increasing each year, the demands on the industry have increased across the board.

Standards and expectations have also been raised, making it more important than ever to deliver the highest degree of services available to stay competitive. By unlocking the equity in your operation, we can help you raise the capital needed to stay ahead of the game and maximise your potential.

Update Your Facility

Stay competitive in the growing industry. Unlock your equity to add premium hangar space, admin, office space to maximize your operations potencial.

Expand Your Operations

Buy additional FBOs or hangars to expand your locations and opportunities in other markets.

New Project Development

Financing options for FBO construction, private hangars and mixed use projects.

FBO Financing

The FBO industry has been rapidly evolving over the last decade making it increasingly challenging to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Fortunately, there’s a great deal of opportunity in these shifting times if an FBO is in the position to capitalize on this rapidly expanding market. Our team at Air Capital Group understand the terrain of this industry second to none, making it possible to evaluate an operation, market and it potencial.

This allows us to help you secure the Financing needed to take full advantage of opportunities  in this new market.

Hangar Construction Financing

With the increase of larger more valuable aircraft joining the U.S. fleet every year, airport land is increasingly scarce. To get that most out of the limited supply however, a modern hangar that reflect today’s standards is needed.

The value of Aircraft Hangars is expected to grow dramatically over the next decade, and can be one of the strongest investments in the industry.

We understand the importance of having a hangar that’s capable of serving you and your operation for many years to come. We’ll help structure a loan that enables you to maximize your hangar’s potential and value for years to come.

Development Capital + Financing

As the General Aviation industry continues to expand year after year, so do the opportunities to find creative new solutions for the ever growing demands.

Large scale projects and master plan developments are often the best solution, but are not implemented due to difficulty  assessing their financial viability in this complex industry.

With our understanding of both the industry and the logistics of large scale developments, we can help analyze and structure financial options for projects that once seemed out of reach.

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Air Capital Group is a team of seasoned experts in the aviation, construction and lending industries, all working together with our investor group and financial partners to unlock capital for a wide range of aviation projects.

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Our goal is simple, help you unlock capital and maximize your operation's potential. We achieve this by using our expertise in both the aviation and financial industry to evaluate and structure the optimal financial strategy for you.

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